Ilon Musk sows buckwheat fields on Mars

Entrepreneur and inventor Ilon Mask at the Shareholders Meeting announced the launch of the campaign for the terraforming of Mars as early as 2022. An important component, in his opinion, will be the sowing of crops, the main place of which is allotted buckwheat.

Ilon Musk
Ilon Musk

“I dream that the atmosphere on Mars was at home, so we gathered the best team of scientists in the world and conducted a lot of research on how to make the lives of future colonists comfortable for their physical and mental health. We do not want our Martians to feed on a dull mass of metal tubes, so they turned to our Russian colleagues who are close to the problem of developing a wide variety of soils. According to the results of many years of joint work, buckwheat has become our absolute favorite, ”explained Musk.

The entrepreneur said that he had already tasted boiled buckwheat during a visit to Russia, and he liked the dish.

“Recently, in SpaceX, in an office cafeteria, buckwheat porridge is offered to employees every day. It is a pity that such a tasty and healthy culture is so rare in American cuisine, ”said Musk.

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