A hammer and sickle will appear on the coat of arms of Irkutsk

The main heraldic symbol of Irkutsk will soon be edited. This decision was made at a meeting of municipal deputies. The essence of the changes lies in the appearance on the body of a scarlet sable, clamped in the mouth of a babr, one of the main communist symbols of the sickle and hammer. Thus, a de-communization program will be launched in the regional center.


“Irkutsk, like most cities in Russia, conducts decommunization. We decided to give it an original start by changing the many-year coat of arms of the city. Now it’s not just a babr destroying sables, it is destroying the red hydra of socialism, ”said Mayor Vasily Krapov.

After making corrections to the emblem, other transformations will begin in the city. Mass renaming of streets from heroes of the communist era in honor of the significant figures for Irkutsk in the 90s of the XX century will begin.

“Here, for example, Dzerzhinsky. What did he do useful for the city and the country? At the same time, the innocently murdered Alexander Zhmykh or simply Sanya Zhmykh, as we called him in the city, he was engaged in charity, gave money for the construction of churches. Did he not deserve the street in his native city? ”Summed up the head of the city.


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