As part of the liberalization in Turkmenistan, women were forbidden to ride bicycles

As part of a series of liberal and democratic reforms in Turkmenistan, women in this country were legally banned from riding bicycles. Such behavior was deemed «insulting the bright and chaste image of the Turkmen people, defaming people and the Supreme Leader.»


According to the resolution of the Parliament, adopted with the support of 100% of deputies and all committees, the appearance of women in public places on bicycles will be punished with a vehicle withdrawal and public reprimand, her family will have to refuse the lawbreaker for the second time, and she herself will pay the government fine.

“We are adopting this law with a deep sense of responsibility to our great people and the Brilliant Leader, vigilantly working for the benefit of every Turkmen woman,” said Akja Anamuradova, head of the parliamentary committee on liberal reforms.


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