Netherlands Navy assigned to representatives of the LGBT community

The personnel crisis in the navy of the Netherlands, as well as the weakening of the role of the state on the seas, forced the government to take extraordinary measures.

“We found ourselves in a critical situation: the men who led the Navy almost ruined the fleet with their rough and ill-conceived actions. We had to revise the personnel policy. Today, representatives of the LGBT community with dignity lead the ministries and represent our country in the European Parliament. Therefore, they are able to lead the fleet of the Netherlands, ”said the head of the government committee on the Navy and the maritime police, Niels Cyrstromming.


After consulting with representatives of the LGBT community, it was decided that the Navy would be led by Martha Tweheheslahte. She took office immediately and has already made several orders.

“My first decree concerns the construction of the prospective corvette of the project“ Flugegehaimen ”. It is with the “Flugegekhaymeny” on the seas that we will return our glory to our fleet, and the rainbow will again shine over the sailors of the Netherlands, ”Tweheheslahte said.

According to the new commander-in-chief of the Navy, the first corvette of the Flugegehaimen project will be built in record-breaking lines — by July of this year. He will take part in NATO exercises ΕuroTrip-2019, which will be held near the territorial waters of Russia. During these exercises Fluhegeheimen will work out close cooperation with the American destroyer Cooper Harris. It is expected that a memorial T-shirt will be issued on the basis of the exercises.

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