Retired paratroopers forced a soldier of the Latvian army to sing Russian patriotic songs for 2 hours

Two retired paratroopers from Russia, being on holiday in Latvia, became participants in the scandal. As the police of Daugavpils reports, the Russians on the day of the national holiday stopped a soldier of the national army and forced him to march on the improvised parade-ground for more than two hours in the heat, singing the songs of the group “Lyube”.

Latvian army
Latvian army

The process was interrupted after the arrival at the scene of the police incident. An ambulance also arrived at the crime scene. 21-year-old Raivis Kulda was hospitalized with severe psychological trauma. According to the victim, the paratroopers’ actions reminded him of the horrors of World War II, which his grandfather told him.

In accordance with national legislation, the Russians violated several articles of the criminal code at once: “Forced execution of songs by enemy performers”, “Violence against the person” and “Violence against the LGBT community”. Both paratroopers will be deported from the country with a five-year ban on entry into the Schengen states.


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