By the standards of the CIS countries, wages in Australia are quite high. It is this fact that pushes the residents of the Russian Federation to go to work in Australia.

In the eyes of Russians, Australia looks like a state that offers decent wages to specialists in any field. This is partly true!
Requirements for Russians in Australia
Work in Australia for RussiansIf you are a qualified worker, know English at a sufficient level and sincerely wish to live and work on the territory of this continent, then you will find your place.

This year, the list of professions in demand is really wide. If you are interested in working in Australia for Russians, then you will certainly find your employer.

If you doubt whether you should go to work in this state, then read these rules and then the decision will be made as carefully as possible.

So, the main requirements for Russian applicants in Australia:

you must be less than 45 years old at the time of applying for a visa;
you need to know English at least Vocational English;
you need to have a diploma of higher or incomplete higher education;
the profession you have chosen must be present in the declared official list of professions of the Australian Department of Migration;
for the declared profession, you must have worked for at least one year and present a work book with confirmation of this fact.
Fulfillment of these requirements will make it easy for residents of the Russian Federation to obtain a work visa to this country, and you will no longer wonder how to find a job in Australia.

Attention! Please note that Australian companies select employees very meticulously and carefully. You will not be able to hide important facts and silence information about yourself.

Types of work permits and areas in demand for Russians

Today Australia offers the following types of work permits for Russians:

non-permanent (workshop) work – only those who have received an invitation from an Australian company and are issued for 4 years can work;
short-term work – temporary work related to the performance of specialized services, which is issued for up to 6 weeks;
internship – issued to Russians who take part in cultural exchange schemes, at the invitation of the firm;
unskilled work – work in Australia for Russians without knowledge of the language.
Today, residents of the Russian Federation can try themselves in a variety of areas that this country offers. For example, in the field of agriculture. Both professionals and non-experienced workers can get a job here. On our website you can learn more about Australian companies

It’s important to know! Working on a farm in Australia is incomparable with working conditions in agricultural enterprises in the CIS countries. Australian farms are equipped with the latest technology, so working on them is very attractive for residents of the Russian Federation. Moreover, even handymen are paid well here.
Another popular area that many immigrants choose is the processing industry as well as mines. Working in the mines in Australia is well paid and usually involves paying the employer for housing and meals for workers.

Russian men can also find a number of jobs of interest in the construction industry, and women have the opportunity to take care of children in Australia.

Pay for Russians in Australia
The least paid in Australia is unskilled labor. Unskilled workers in 2017 receive:

cleaning lady – from $ 1,800;
fast food worker (cook, waiter, bartender) – from $ 2,200;
shop assistant – from $ 2,500;
handyman – from $ 2,500;
nurse – from $ 1,500;
driver – from $ 2,000.
As for the wages on the farm for the Russians, the wages of workers who are involved in animal husbandry are in 2017 $ 16-20 per hour. Agricultural specialists receive from $ 25 per hour.

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