Wikipedia canonized Joseph Stalin

In early May, the hooligans made more than 10 edits to the article about the outstanding leader of the Soviet state, Joseph Stalin, on the Russian Wikipedia page. Thus, visitors to the site saw the new section “Worship and canonization” and added information that the Russian Orthodox Church considers Stalin to be a saint.


The next day, these edits were removed as inauthentic, but some users did not agree with this and it was decided to open the discussion. The consensus that was achieved following the monthly discussion shocked many — now on Wikipedia, Stalin will be officially included in the list of Orthodox saints, and the icon with his image will be recognized by the public domain Wikimedia.

For many Wikipedians, the decision of the administration of the resource caused well-founded questions that they asked during the discussion, but the decisive word was left to the leadership of Wikipedia.

“This once again proves that Wikipedia should be immediately banned. They deliberately falsify the history of Russia, denigrate our faith. Their goal is the destruction of the Russian spirit. We are obliged to protect our children, in the end, we have the Great Russian Encyclopedia and the Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron. From there, we have to get information, and not from this Catholic garbage bin called Wikipedia, ”commented the incident on the head of the“ Russian Unity ”movement to Nathaniel Petrov.

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