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After the election of a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as mayor of Solikamsk, salt deficit began in the city

Russian Federation

After the 78-year-old Communist Party candidate Boris Teplukhin was elected mayor in Solikamsk, salt deficiency began. In retail chains this is explained by the influence of the economic policy of the new authorities. For the first time, the deficit was noticed 2 weeks ago, when salt became impossible to buy in small stores — a …

In Severodvinsk, a judge was dismissed, who called the Russian Federation a private firm and acquitted a Russian with “Soviet” rights

Russian Federation

In Severodvinsk, the Qualification Collegium of Judges fired the 52-year-old judge Mikhail Glebsky, who earlier acquitted the Russian who drove a car with the “rights of the Soviet Union” issued by private individuals in 2018. By resolution of the commission, a treason case was initiated against the ex-judge in accordance with the Criminal Code of …