Konyukhov launched a plane flying to the Crimea to Moscow because of the risk of sanctions

The traveler Fyodor Konyukhov refused to travel to the Crimea on a device with solar panels. The flight took place this afternoon, but it was soon decided to interrupt the flight and return.


Fyodor Konyukhov and the Head of the Russian Sports Federation Sergei Ryabchinsky flew out of Moscow and were supposed to land in Yevpatoria, but when they were over Rostov-on-Don, it was decided to interrupt the flight because of the risk of sanctions.

“The owner of the Tabasko aerodrome in Evpatoria, where Konyukhov planned to land, Sergey Shevchuk said that the traveler was forced to refuse to land in the Crimea due to sanctions that promised him to sponsors in case of his arrival on the peninsula,” reports RIA Novosti Crimea.

Travelers made a flight using the “Flying Laboratory” apparatus, which should become a technological prototype for a record aircraft. The ultimate goal is to travel around the world on solar energy.