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Taiwan’s ruling party announced a course towards reunification with China and the creation of a socialist state


The Communist Party of Taiwan, which won the parliamentary elections with a record result (60%), was given the right to fully form a government. Taking advantage of the mandate of national trust, Communist leader Lee Park Jean announced the end of the capitalist era on the island and the transition to a planned economy. As …

Drunk Swedish diplomat at the reception demanded that Russia return Riga


At a closed diplomatic reception as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, an employee of the Swedish consulate in Russia was noticed in a state of severe alcoholic intoxication, in which he behaved inappropriately. In particular, Mr. Johansson called on the Russian Federation to return to the composition of Sweden the capital of …

Japan abandoned the development of 5G networks for the health of citizens


Japan will not develop and invest in the creation of fifth-generation mobile networks. This is stated on the official website of the Ministry of High Technologies of the country. Officials expressed the opinion that the creation of a faster Internet than previously is dangerous for the population and may adversely affect people’s health and labor …

Patriarch Bartholomew did not approve the use in the temples of LED lighting with a CRI below 38.9


Patriarch Konstantinopolsky Bartholomew said that in Orthodox churches it is unacceptable to use LED lighting technology with a cold glow and a color rendering index below 38.9. According to the head of world Orthodoxy, the use of such LED modules runs counter to the canons and adversely affects the course of the service. Vladyka also …

The songs of «Blue Berets» and Igor Rasteryaev will add to the repertoire of the school program in music.

Blue Berets

This initiative was recently approved by the Ministry of Education. According to representatives of the department, it will contribute to the formation of civil identity, as well as strengthen the connection between generations. “During a difficult political situation, teachers are either guided by old Soviet textbooks written by people with outdated thinking, or they choose …

UAZ launched the line of automatic consecration of cars


The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant announced that it had installed an automatic consecration line for its products. Next month, consecration will become available as an option at dealers. The equipment was manufactured and supplied by the Kaluga plant of Orthodox equipment. On May 25, the KZPA specialists completed adjustment work, after which the first car passed …