Huawei will release a smartphone under LineageOS

After the sanctions of Washington and the subsequent refusal of Google to service Huawei smartphones, the Chinese company has found a new way to circumvent the restrictive measures.

Almost immediately after the announcement of the heavy news for the manufacturer, the decision was made to finalize and improve the alternative for Huawei operating system for smartphones LineageOS, which many advanced users already consider more reliable and convenient, less curious and intrusive than Android.

The system does not work with Google Play Market, but can use other app stores. Google’s application has managed to compromise itself with an abundance of spyware, when each flashlight requires access to the contact list, the Internet and the mobile network. According to a public opinion poll, most Chinese are still avoiding the Google Play Market.

According to the assurances of a member of the Politburo of the CCP and the head of Huawei, Ji Ketsyan, Google thoroughly sawed its own bitch, because the capabilities of Chinese programmers quite allow us to create a competitive product that users have been waiting for

On the first day after the announcement of the creation of a smartphone on LineageOS, there was an uproar in the network among those who wanted to pre-book the right to purchase the first copies. In a number of major cities in China, new exclusive stores have already opened for the pre-sale of a model that has not yet been released.

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