In Russia, recognized extremist Soviet textbook on natural history

In Russia, Soviet textbook on nature science for the fourth class, written by Mikhail Skatkin, was added to the list of prohibited for distribution of extremist materials.


The reason for entering into the register was information about the benefits of cultivating the hogweed Sosnovsky and “unreliable” data on permissible levels of environmental pollution. As noted in the press release of the Moscow City Court, a class action lawsuit was filed by “responsible authorities and departments”.

“In the textbook, released in 1969, it is stated about the“ benefits ”for the national economy of the plant, known as Heracleum sosnowskyi. Such a formulation is a direct threat to the interests of national security, promotes the cultivation of harmful crops and thus causing damage to the environment, which can be regarded as a call for extremist actions or encouragement of extremist actions, ”the resolution says.

Also dissatisfaction with unnamed departments called «excessively high» environmental standards for the content of harmful substances in the soil and air. The current situation in the textbook qualifies as an “environmental catastrophe,” which is fundamentally wrong, based on current standards, confident in the court.

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