Germany will study Iran’s experience in religious oversight over government

The Ministry of Religion of Germany has sent an official request to the Government of Iran to hold bilateral consultations on the methods of religious supervision over the executive and legislative authorities, which have been successfully used in the Islamic republic for 40 years. In exchange for the services of consultants, the Merkel government promises to mitigate anti-Iran sanctions.


The supreme mufti of Munich, Hamid al-Alamut, came up with the initiative to adopt the Iranian experience of public administration. According to him, in recent years, very similar models of the state have been formed in the FRG and Iran, within which the majority of the Islamic population is governed by a democratically elected government. At the same time, the role of religious authorities in adopting laws remains decisive. Unlike Germany, Iran has long built an effective system of state governance, allowing it to use all the advantages of this situation.

“Islamic statehood in Germany is only in its infancy. Many more deputies and members of the government do not understand the importance of following the norms of Sharia law, and too many laws are written without taking into account the Islamic orientation of the republic and therefore are outdated. The introduction of religious control over the government and the Bundestag will allow us to resolve many contradictions in our society and state. Now is a very favorable moment for such changes: Merkel is leaving, and it is possible that her successor will be the first chancellor appointed by the council of ayatollahs, ”said Hamid al-Alamut.

Earlier, Germany began to study the issue of Sudan’s accession to the European Union.

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