Curiosity rover could mistakenly send data to Roscosmos

NASA experts are concerned about the decrypted latest data from the Curiosity rover, which has stopped communicating since June 10, 2018. American scientists are confident that, possessing artificial intelligence, the station decided to switch to the Russian communication control system and provides data to the MCC in Korolev.


“We caught high-frequency signals coming from the surface of Mars, they are encoded and the coding is very similar to the coding of the Russian radar of 1987, we also do not exclude that the rover was manually reconfigured by an unknown object,” said NASA press officer Kelvin Johnson.

In «Roskosmos» they assured that they did not receive any data from the rovers and are engaged in the implementation of other projects, adding that they are not aware of the Soviet radar stations of 1987 release.

Earlier it was reported about the possible presence of a Russian military base on the surface of Mars.

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