Chinese tourists spend the night in queues at the Moscow Central Department Store and the St. Petersburg DLT

Premium clothing stores are in short supply due to the influx of visitors from China. Products of the brands Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace and other elite brands are bought up instantly, as they appear on the shelves.


Moscow and St. Petersburg take several hundred thousand Chinese tourists each summer. Guests from China come not only to admire the beauties of Russia, but also for shopping. They are attracted by favorable prices for expensive brands and well-known brands.

However, the increased flow of tourists and the high purchasing power of the Chinese led to a shortage in luxury stores. Guests from China are forced to take coupons for purchases, take a queue for two or three days, hoping to get at least something when the store «throws out» a new batch of clothing and accessories.

Well-known Chinese blogger Zhang Lu commented on what is happening: “I am in the second day in a queue at the TSUM store in Moscow. With me in line, many of our compatriots are simple middle-class people: teachers, engineers, doctors. All of them came to Russia in the hope of saving a couple of thousand dollars on shopping in relation to prices in Europe. However, now everyone is unanimous in saying that if they knew which queues they were waiting for here, they would go shopping in France or Italy. I heard that once in Russia it was common to stand in queues for several days, but I thought that these times are long past. ”


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