20% of women deputies will leave the Norwegian parliament in connection with the new law on gender equality

The Norwegian Parliament amended the “Law on Gender Representation in Government”. According to the updates, which take into account the increase in the number of sexes in the country from two to five, the redistribution of posts will also affect Storting deputies. Part of female quotas will be given to representatives of 3 new floors. As a result of this, 20% of women deputies will have to complete their mandates.


“Norwegian women have long fought for their legitimate right to oust men from parliament, today we need to support new genders. They also have the right to make important decisions for the state and to represent their voters. Now every fifth deputy will have to lay down his mandate to comply with the law. We are ready to do this in order to become an example for all other states and parliaments, ”said Speaker Theresa Alsward.

Now parliamentarians will have to choose the victims of the new law and determine the deputies who have resigned. Most likely, to comply with the transparency of the procedure resorted to the lot. The draw will help and fill vacant seats in parliament. Candidates for the new MPs will be chosen among prominent public activists in Norway.



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