Yeltsin Center announced a competition for the best name for the painting, which depicts the meeting of Yeltsin and Elton John

The presidential Yeltsin Center replenished its exposition with a picture by the Yekaterinburg artist Alexei Gaidar, which captures the meeting of the first President of Russia and the British musician Elton John, who came to support the Russian leader during the election campaign in 1996. Since the photos of this memorable event were not preserved, it was decided to capture the meeting with the help of fine arts.

Elton John
Elton John

In the center of the composition are the main actors, joined in a friendly kiss. In the background are the officials of the presidential administration and other state symbols — the Monomakh’s cap, the power and the two-headed eagle.

As the director of the Yeltsin Center Dina Sorokina noted, the exhibit was donated to the museum. The creator of the work was a fan of Yeltsin and decided to leave the work without a name. In this regard, the administration of the institution invited visitors to come up with a name for the picture. The competition will not have age restrictions. To participate in it, you must buy a ticket to the Yeltsin Center and throw a note with your choice in the ballot box. Among the most interesting and popular options and choose the name for the artwork.

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