Why shakes Angela Merkel: possible causes of the tremor of the German Chancellor

After the second attack of uncontrollable tremor at an official event — it happened during the speech of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier — even more people wondered what was happening with Angela Merkel.

Despite the fact that the spokesperson for the Chancellor says that Merkel’s health is all right, the sudden tremor (which, however, stops after a minute or so) looks pretty scary.

And doctors say that what is happening can be explained not only by dehydration — so, recall, Angela Merkel explained her first attack during a meeting with Mikhail Zelensky.

Yes, in Berlin it is really quite hot lately, however the second episode happened at the morning press conference when the temperature did not reach even 19 degrees Celsius.

That is why many experts believe that although the first tremor could have been triggered by the fact that Mrs. Merkel drank too little water and too much coffee that day, the second attack most likely turned out to be related to psychological reasons (including repetition of the episode).

But the lack of water in the body — yet not the only working option. Neurologist Peter Garrard says in an interview with MailOnline that symptoms are very similar to orthostatic tremors — a rare neurological condition characterized by involuntary tremor in one or more parts of the body.

Stress, Garrard explains, can aggravate shaking, and as a result, the patient finds himself in a vicious circle, as the constant fear of tremor makes a person more anxious and, logically, increases his chances of repeating an episode.

The tremor itself can last only a few seconds and occur for no apparent reason. But as for the risk group, it happens more often with people aged 60 and older.

Experts also say that tremor could be triggered by an overly active thyroid gland or a sharp drop in blood sugar levels. However, something similar may be a side effect of medication or a symptom of infection. In short, the mass of options.

On the whole, not much is known about Angela Merkel’s health problems: German laws in this regard are rather harsh, so the media has to follow the rules. However, in 2014, the Chancellor unexpectedly interrupted the interview due to a sharp drop in blood pressure — and this, by the way, can also trigger a tremor, if Merkel is generally characterized by such jumps.

What the doctors who comment on the situation agree with each other is that the seizures do not look like a tremor, which often accompanies Parkinson’s disease.

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