Moskvich complained to the police about cyberbullying because of dislikes and critics in social networks

Moscow is investigating a statement by a local blogger demanding to punish his opponents for cyberbullying on Twitter and YouTube sites. A resident of the Russian capital, whose name was not disclosed by law enforcement, complained about the dislikes of his reviews and numerous comments with ridicule.


“A citizen complained of unidentified persons who repeatedly left comments on the pages of the Internet on the Internet with unreasonable or exaggerated criticism, did not agree with his position, using the“ Dislike ”feature of the YouTube service (USA), lowered the rating of his author’s records, thus arranging a pronounced cyber persecution. On the social network Twitter (USA), unidentified persons sarcastically and purposefully commented on his actions, produced graphic digital images (Screen Shot technology) with his statements in such a way as to put the applicant in a negative light, ”the investigators said.

In a statement, the blogger complained of cyberbullying, cyber-incrimination, cyber damage to business reputation, and cyber harm to mental health. Now the authorities should assess the action of the persecutors from the point of view of Russian legislation.

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