In Likino restore the release of the model LiAZ-677 in a modernized form

The Likinsk Bus Plant, part of the GAZ Group, announced that it was returning to the small-scale production of the Soviet model 677 due to the crisis. In the people, this car was called the «Lunokhod».


The user of the website Drive2, allegedly working at the Likinsky plant, published a photo of the “new old” 677 and signed it: “Updated classics on the run-in. On a test build a batch of five pieces. ”

Judging by the picture, the legendary bus was equipped with an electronic guide and updated him lighting. In the comments, the author of the post said that the car also has an electronic instrument panel, a modern YaMZ diesel engine and a DIWA gearbox. Chassis remained the same, but was simplified. Later, the publication was removed, but the photo spread in social networks.

Sources close to the plant clarified that the cars will be produced in small batches to cover the needs of small cities such as Arzamas, where the old LiAZ-677 still forms part of the bus depot. The old model, they said, is easier to “reanimate”, since its production required the simplest tooling, much of which has been preserved since the 1990s. The final car turns out cheap and maintainable. In contrast to the Soviet 677s, the assembly of the updated bus will not be on a conveyor line, but by way, in small quantities as orders arrive.


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