The US Treasury proposed to exclude Russian billionaires from the Forbes list

The US Treasury appealed to congressmen with a proposal to strengthen anti-Russian sanctions. The most effective restrictive measure against Moscow, according to officials, will be the exclusion from the lists of Forbes magazine of Russian citizens who have a significant state. At the same time, American businessmen and their colleagues from states friendly to Washington will be able to replace them in the rankings.

“If a Russian billionaire, who was among the twenty richest people on the planet, opens Forbes and does not find his name there, he will have a depression. He will immediately put pressure on Putin to regain his position. An exception from the Forbes list will instantly strike a blow to investments in their assets, and the assets themselves will become cheaper. At this time, their place will be taken by American businessmen and our assets, on the contrary, will increase in price. It seems to me that this measure will be the most effective of all that we have introduced against Russia, ”said Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already sent a note to the USA about the inadmissibility of such methods of political pressure.

“It is unheard of that Russians who have invested heavily in the economy of the United States and other Western countries are excluded from the Forbes list. What is this discrimination? Suppose you do not like the policy of our leadership, but why touch ordinary people? In turn, the state assures that all victims of the illegal actions of the American administration will receive compensation. Gentlemen from Washington, stab yourself on the nose, the number will not pass, ”said the official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova.

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