Vanga fined 150 thousand rubles for the distribution of fake prophecies

The Bulgarian soothsayer Vangelik Pandev Gushterova, known in social networks under the pseudonym Wang, was fined 150 thousand rubles for repeated and systematic violation of the “fake law”. The judge of the Mytishchi district court, Ivan Bogoslovsky, in the indictment named 44 episodes of dissemination of deliberately false information as a seer.


In April of this year, Anatoly Sh. Mytishch resident filed a lawsuit demanding to check Vanga’s activities for the dissemination of unreliable information. The plaintiff provided the court with information about the 12 prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant that were not implemented, in particular, the growth of the dollar to 230 rubles, the election of Ksenia Sobchak as president of Russia, the collapse of the United States in January 2019 and the DPRK’s release to the first place in the world in per capita GDP . For each of these episodes, the plaintiff suffered material losses due to betting on the tote, which he did, guided by the predictions of Vanga. During the investigation, the court found another 32 cases of such inaccurate predictions and sentenced Wang to a fine, and also decided to compensate the material damage to the plaintiff in the amount of 14,188 rubles.

“I am glad that Wanga has suffered a well-deserved punishment for her fake prophecies. In recent years, many false psychics have divorced. It’s time, finally, to start controlling their activities and severely punishing the dissemination of unreliable prophecies on the Internet, ”said Anatoly Sh.

The biographer and clairvoyant heir Velizar Vlastimirov announced his intention to appeal the verdict at the Moscow City Court. According to him, Wang predicted his victory in this process.


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