«Mail of Russia» has introduced a 15-percent limit on the loss of mail

In connection with the increasing incidence of the lack of proper items in the packages, the management of the Post of Russia issued an internal instruction limiting the maximum percentage of lost simple mail items. In the event that such losses are more than 15%, a fine will be imposed on the employees of the offending department.

Mail of Russia
Mail of Russia

“We managed to calculate exactly the percentage that would be acceptable for both the client and the mail worker. Any way of sending is a certain adventure. From the departure of something can fall, fly, evaporate. The main thing is to deliver the main content. For example, the recipient should have no complaints if the smartphone from China is delivered, for example, without charging, or a shirt without a pair of buttons. In such cases, no one is to blame. If the loss exceeds the allowable percentage, then each responsible person pays a penalty from his / her salary. This is a fair decision, ”commented Andrei Lipovtsev, the head of the mailing department, on the decision.

The state company also noted in its press release the achievement of significant success over the past year in terms of delivery of items. The number of lost parcels for this period decreased from 33 to 27%. Ahead of the «Mail of Russia» even more ambitious plans.



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