Austrian Chancellor will apply for Russian citizenship

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz announced his intention to become a citizen of the Russian Federation. According to the politician, both European countries are linked by a common history and close human ties. Also in Russia, for his reasons, a more stable political situation.

Russian citizenship
Russian citizenship

“Austria and Russia have a common history. Look at least at the emblems of the countries where the European bird eagle flaunts. I believe that Austria has something to learn from Russia. For example, political stability. A young man like me could have been in power for decades, and petty scandals in Russia do not excite society at all, ”said Kurtz.

He recalled the Russian Chancellor and his Russian roots and relatives living in Russia.

“When I was little, in the summer I came to my grandmother in Nizhny Tagil. This is a beautiful city where tanks are made. I often played with the Russian children in the sandbox in the war, but I played for the Germans, and they were for the Red Army, but at the same time, we still have excellent relations, ”the politician added.

Kurtz also said that he was aware of the institute of dual citizenship, «which works great in both countries.»

“I think there will be no problems. Several deputies of the Austrian parliament have already seized the opportunity to have two passports and quietly travel to Moscow. Some even gave me advice on which body it is better to contact in order to get the documents faster, ”said Kurtz.


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