Elton John: “I am proud that my concert in the USSR became the first news of its collapse”

British singer Elton John gave an interview to the influential magazine The Great Economist, in which he recalled how exactly 30 years old he had become the first western rock star to perform in the Soviet Union.

“I had a long thought about whether to stand behind the iron curtain. On the one hand, I wanted to be a pioneer, on the other hand, I was afraid that they could put me under the law of sodomy. In the end, with my music I decided to bring the smell of freedom to the Union and change it as much as I could. Before leaving for Moscow, I had a long consultation with British intelligence and British Trotskyists on what I could do, and then, having flown in, I turned on all my shocking. After my concert in May 1979, the USSR was able to survive only 12 years. So I became the first news of the collapse of a large country. Am I proud of it? Certainly, ”the publication quotes from the article.

Also in an interview, the singer boasted assistance in the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the creation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the unification of Germany.


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