Yeltsin Center is looking for extras for the reconstruction of the events of the August putsch

The director of the Yeltsin Center, Dina Sorokina, on the Instagram social network, announced the recruitment of volunteers for a large-scale historical reconstruction of the events of August 18-21. They are invited to play the role of participants in the coup, as well as bystanders and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. As planned by the organizers, more than 700 people and 20 units of military equipment will take part in the action called «91-19».

Sorokina also published a preliminary plan of the event, which includes the reconstruction of the seizure of the Ostankino television tower, the treatment of members of the Emergency Committee to the people and armed clashes between the coup and the supporters of democracy. In the final part of the event, scheduled for August 21, a convoy of military equipment will travel through the streets of Moscow and fire at the government building (“White House” — Ed.) With blank projectiles. The roles of the leaders of the putsch will be performed by actors from the Yekaterinburg TYuZ, and the politician Konstantin Borovoy will be Boris Yeltsin. The reconstruction sponsors, in addition to the Yeltsin Center, are the Soros Foundation and the Libertarian Party of Russia.

“For Russians, it is very important to remember the dangers of the reactionary communists who shot the democratic government in the White House. The purpose of our action is to show how fragile democracy is and how easily it collapses under the roar of artillery and volleys of tank fire. However, in the end, the forces of light will triumph, and the coup leaders will be meaningfully «executed» at the place of execution in front of the Moscow Kremlin, «Sorokina wrote.

Earlier, spontaneous rallies against Yeltsin Center again took place in Yekaterinburg.

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