The presence of intelligence equipment and service in the GRU is not a reason to accuse of espionage: the Foreign Ministry defeated the «espionage paranoia» of the West

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the policies of Western countries regarding alleged “Russian spies”. Diplomats are confident that the actions of partners have acquired a distinct Russophobic hue.


“The hysterical espionage of the West, which in recent years has acquired grotesque forms and has begun to border on a form of madness unknown to psychiatrists, makes us increasingly wear white robes and put in place presumptuous political dealers who cannot build their careers except for fanning anti-Russian sentiments”, — said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed confidence that both ordinary Russians, who went to rest or work abroad, and the West itself, are suffering from “espionage paranoia”.

“Western intelligence services are so relaxed and have lost their former professionalism in the freemen that politicians have arranged for them that they no longer even bother to falsify evidence. What is now enough to be accused of espionage in the so-called «advanced democratic» countries? All in all, nothing: the presence of any reconnaissance equipment, even if outdated, or a document on the service in the GRU. Do our Western «partners» believe that intelligence officers do not have vacations and cannot just go for a vacation? To what extent should Russophobic hysteria be susceptible in order to see a spy in every member of the GRU? ”Asked the diplomats.

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