The expression «Press F to pay respect» is recognized as politically incorrect

In the social network Facebook and several online publications, user comments are quickly removed, representing the popular phrase “Press F to pay respect” and its variations “Press F” and “F”. Their authors have recently been facing a week-long ban due to intolerance to a social group.


The reason for such a decision of the administration of resources was the complaint of journalist and fem-activist social justice group Merlin Ro, who found in terms of disrespect for women.

“In altreyt-neo-nationalist circles, the message“ press F ”stands for“ press female ”[crush the woman — approx. translator], and the abbreviated form of the “F” is generally altogether like “Fascism. We must be tolerant and not tolerant of opponents of the diversity of the world, such as the fascists who freely express extremist and malicious expressions on the Internet, ”said activist Merlin Ro.

It is also reported that the developers of the Call of Duty series of games, where the expression came from, promised to release an update soon, in which they will replace it with a more correct one.

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