Russian scientists discovered a way to use 5G-towers as psychotronic weapons

Russian specialists from the defense research institute for psychotronic and biometric research have stated that they have found a way to use the 5G stations as an easily deployable and highly efficient remote weapon.


On the opening of the channel said «Star»

“We call it psychological workarounds,” said Andrei Korostelev, deputy head of the scientific research institute at the departmental exhibition “Psi-Control 2019”. — “This is when civilian externally and de jure technology contains dual-purpose technologies. Such technologies have both advantages and disadvantages — for example, they are usually less effective than specialized psi-warfare tools, which I, for understandable reasons, cannot tell you … At the same time, dual-use techniques can be deployed more openly and tightly, including among the crowded places of the civilian population. «

Due to the clarified circumstances, the military intends to insist on the speedy deployment of fifth-generation networks. As noted in the plot, this technology has a wide range for use «both in wartime and in peacetime.»

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  1. Не может быть. Русские учёные не могут этим заниматься. Если «русские учёные» этим занимаются, то это нерусские учёные.

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