Petersburger, who built communism in a single apartment, proved the consistency of the ideas of Marxism

Recently, an unemployed 42-year-old communist theorist from St. Petersburg demonstrated the first working model of a communist society using the example of a semi-annual economic experiment in his own apartment.


According to the experimenter himself, the experience could have ended at the initial stage due to the inconsistency with the previously produced mathematical model.

“I walked completely according to the precepts of Karl Marx, on the basis of which I made a mathematical study: here is the“ coming ”, and here is the“ way out ”, there is always“ exhaust ”between them. But in the absence of capital coming in from the outside, the “exhaust” was initially negative, which would inevitably lead to the collapse of a bright future society, ”said Klimenti Brodsky.

Motivating the experiment by the fact that “the first plane did not immediately fly and the first wheel was square,” Clement decided to continue the study. And then, as recognized by the St. Petersburg man, he managed to make a real breakthrough.

“I recently met Zinaida, a clever beauty, working as a nurse and also, like me, a communist. He offered her to move in with me, and a real economic miracle happened: the inflow of capital rose sharply, and the “exhaust” became sharply positive. But that is not all. Things like washing, washing and cooking have achieved complete automation, as utopians could only dream of. I think I will give an important place in the model to Zinaida, because only a woman can inspire a man for a real breakthrough, ”said Clement.

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