Mongolia is preparing to join the CIS

From January 1, 2020, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will become a new member. Mongolia decided to supplement the alliance of post-Soviet states. The decision on the only correct political course of the Asian state was made by the overwhelming majority of the deputies of the Khural.


“We realize that only Russia and the states that gained independence after the collapse of the USSR can be our true allies and business partners enjoying our confidence. When I visited Russia, I saw there a lot of people like us — the Mongols. We are ready to participate in all projects implemented by the CIS countries. In particular, our country produces many unique products and high technologies. The time has come for Mongolia to regain great geopolitical power, ”President Haltmaagiin Battulga congratulated the assembled deputies.

The country’s finance ministry has already allocated $ 10 million for compliance with CIS regulations and bringing goods into technical regulations. Mongolia expects to supply the market of member countries of the community: koumiss, goat down, yak tails and a number of other unique products. In the future, the state expects to enter the Customs Union.

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