Khabarovsk city authorities have called the renaming of Lenin Square to Mao Zedong an accidental mistake

The Khabarovsk municipality called his decision to rename Lenin Square to Mao Zedong, which took place on the night of July 22-23, as erroneous.

Khabarovsk city
Khabarovsk city

The first information about the new name for the main square of the city was noticed by local blogger Vasily P., who at first saw a new name for a topographical object on popular domestic and American Internet services. Then the man, taking it for a mistake, took the bike and went to make sure that the square retained its historical name. There he saw workers taking pictures of the old name and placing new signs on the buildings in two languages ​​- Russian and Chinese. The activist tried to stop the process by threatening them with the police, a paper on renaming was presented to him with reference to a vote in the Khabarovsk City Council.

The next day, Vasiliy and a group of like-minded people gathered near the city administration building with the pickets «We will not surrender Khabarovsk to China» and «Mao Zedong out of Khabarovsk.» A deputy came out to the audience and explained that the vote should not be taken seriously. The people’s choice was booed by the crowd and returned to the building. The protesters were able to calm down only after 2 hours, when the workers again replaced the signs on the buildings, returning Lenin Square, which was customary for Khabarovsk residents.

“In fact, the voting of the city deputies was of a formal nature. In August, a large delegation consisting of Chinese investors is scheduled to visit the Khabarovsk Territory. In order to make them happy, we decided to temporarily rename Lenin Square to Mao Zedong, and then return it to its former name, but society misunderstood us. I ask Khabarovsk citizens not to be offended by us and consider renaming as a random error, ”the city administration secretary Maxim Li assured.

Also, the city authorities decided to postpone the tender for the purchase of a monument to Mao Zedong in China and the demolition of a monument to Lenin.

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