In Italy, they detained a group of builders from Uzbekistan who tried to level

Fifteen citizens of Uzbekistan were detained this night in the Italian city of Pisa during an attempt to align the main city sights — the Leaning Tower.


During the arrest, it turned out that all Uzbeks are builders by profession, and arrived in Italy to rest after successfully putting the object in the Moscow region. In the afternoon, the tourists successfully visited Florence, after which at night, traveling on a rented minibus to Naples, stopped on the way due to the fact that one of the passengers saw, in his words, a collapsing building. So he described the Leaning Tower in Pisa.

“I thought that there might be people there and at least until the arrival of the rescuers you can postpone the fall of the tower by aligning it. This technique has already been used by our team in Samarkand and several cities in Russia. We left the minibus and set to work. We were surprised to find that it was not the rescuers who arrived at the scene, but the police. We were detained and we spent the night behind bars. It is good that the next day our consul arrived and we were able to leave Italy. Despite this, I want to appeal to all Italians. The tower, perhaps, will stay so for a couple of months, but it is advisable to demolish and rebuild it. If our brigade needs help, we are always ready, ”the builder Nakhimjon told about the incident.

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