Ilon Mask suggested that Space X employees be transferred to Soviet computers

The head of the American space company, Space X, at an internal information security conference, suggested that his subordinates abandon Apple products and switch to Soviet-made computers.

Space X
Space X

“Friends, today our company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the huge number of errors issued by American-made computers. There is no doubt that our technology is not able to cope with modern viruses. In the Soviet Union, everything was done for centuries. While we lynched the colored population and poisoned GMOs, the Soviet people learned how to create truly reliable electronic computers. Therefore, I urge all employees of Space X and Tesla to replace American computing equipment with Soviet ones, ”Musk said at the conference.

It is noted that workers will be able to switch to Soviet computers by making paid trips to the markets of the CIS countries and former states of the socialist camp, where they will have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment at minimal prices. The list of recommended goods for purchase includes such 8- and 16-bit computers as Iskra-226, Electronics NTs-8010, Partner 01.01 and Spektr-001.

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