China has demanded that Russia effectively extinguish fires in Siberian forests

The Chinese authorities appealed to the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Federal Forestry Agency and demanded «to show more responsibility» in extinguishing fires in Siberian forests. Current measures, according to representatives of the PRC, are “ineffective and short-sighted.”


An official statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry states that diplomats are addressing with a public note, since “repeated expression of concern through closed channels did not have the desired effect” against the backdrop of increasing forest fires.

“We urge Moscow to keep in mind all the obligations undertaken and to give the situation proper attention, using more financial, technical and human resources to eliminate the emergency situation in the Siberian region. We remind that according to the existing agreements, as of 2019, the Russian Federation is fully and unilaterally responsible for the safety of resources and the suitability of land, ”said in Beijing.

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