American schools massively replace calculators with bills

US Department of Education will update the method of studying mathematics in schools. Calculators, which are usual for American children, will replace the accounts popular among Soviet accountants.

American schools
American schools

The pioneer in the study of the exact sciences was an emigrant from Russia, Ivan Zilberstein, who forcibly forced students of one of the strongest mathematical schools in the country to abandon calculators and switch to accounts. The technique gave a tangible result — representatives of the gymnasium literally did not leave any chances to their rivals at the All-American Scientific Olympiads, taking 90% of their medals.

“Once a gymnasium teacher approached me, which actually supplies students to the Massachusetts Technical University and asked what the secret of my boys is. I showed the accounts inherited from my grandfather, who worked as a collective farm accountant. When I was young, I was at his job and remembered how he thought faster and more accurately than I was on a calculator. Then I decided to study the accounts. Let them look clumsy, but always reliable, ”said Zilberstein.

Inspired by the innovative example, many US educational institutions began to pass over to the accounts. The only problem in this process was the lack of a subject in the country. Today, only 15% of American schools are equipped with bills.

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