«We do not have scientific Stalinism and free gasoline»: China asked Russia to take back the Communist refugees

Chinese authorities have asked Russia to take measures to repatriate more than 150 people from among the communist activists who have arrived in the country, read online news about free gasoline, study of scientific Stalinism and sending all private business owners in this country to camps.


A spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security Kang Jing said in an official statement that the Russians were victims of misinformation.

“Starting in June, citizens of the Russian Federation began to accumulate at the border. Mostly they declare their communist views, some came with flags and claim that they sold an apartment in their homeland in order to get to the border with the PRC. All of them are asking for political asylum, while they cannot pass the simplest tests for knowledge of the history and social and political structure of China. For example, many of them claim that they have read in the global Internet network, that in the People’s Republic of China citizens are provided with free gasoline, public utilities, a pension of 55 years, and a study of such discipline as “scientific Stalinism” is being conducted. They could not confirm their words, because in China, external web resources are blocked, ”he said.

According to a ministry spokesman, it was a surprise for Russians that all private business owners were not repressed in China, as stated in the network, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s books are not prohibited. The refugees also organized a group that demanded a meeting with Minister Gian Ming, who allegedly refused to shake hands with the head of Rosnano, Anatoly Chubais, but it turned out that there was no such minister. In addition, the Russians violated a law prohibiting more than five people from gathering without permission from the authorities and a law prohibiting organized demands to the government, so before the end of the proceedings, most of them were sent to a correctional camp in Xinjiang province.

“We ask the authorities of the Russian Federation through diplomatic and interdepartmental channels to make the necessary efforts to collect these people. As a gesture of goodwill, we allow them to serve their sentences in their homeland. We notify Russian citizens that free gasoline is not provided in the PRC, private business has not been canceled, and the retirement age has not been reduced, but active measures are being taken against unwanted migration, ”the official concluded.

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