The government will support grants from Russian manufacturers «Khvanchkara» and «Kindzmarauli»

The Russian government and the Ministry of Agriculture, which decided to remove Georgian goods from stores for subsequent disposal, approved a number of measures for import substitution of wine products.


According to the Cabinet’s decree “On import substitution of food products from the states pursuing an unfriendly policy towards the Russian Federation”, the Ministry of Agriculture is charged with “creating favorable conditions for the production of wines and wine beverages with similar taste qualities”. To support domestic winemakers, grants will be allocated to farmers in the amount of 210 million rubles for the cultivation of Georgian grape varieties Khvanchkara and Kindzamarauli in Russian regions. Allocation of land for the plantation will be engaged in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The agricultural department reported that land for growing grapes is already available. Most of them are located on the territory of Astrakhan region, where, according to officials, ideal conditions for the growth of crops.

“The melon crops Astrakhan region ranks first in the entire post-Soviet space. There are huge areas for grapes and a lot of sun. In addition, we will increase the number of jobs. Thus, we will be able to solve several problems at once. There used to be opinions that we would be left without Parmesan and jamon. As you can see, all importseases are calm, ”said the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.

To attract farmers to a nationwide project, the government will propose tax incentives for them. The priority place for grape plantations is the village of Kapustin Yar, which has free land plots. Additionally, the Cabinet is studying the possibility of constructing new irrigation canals from the Volga.


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