Shops and cafes of the Estonian Narva joined the action + 20% for Russians

Owners of shops and cafes in Estonian Narva decided to support Georgia in the fight against Russia’s aggression by increasing the price tags for Russians by 20%. Meru is considered relevant due to the fact that many Russians visit Narva from neighboring Ivangorod and other regions bordering Estonia with Estonia in order to buy high-quality and inexpensive European products.


“We stand in solidarity with the people of Georgia. Russia is an occupier. We used to sympathize with the Russians, but after provocation in Tbilisi, we have lost the last illusions about their good intentions. If the Russians want to continue purchasing in Narva, let them pay an additional 20% for the damage done to Estonia, ”said Tarmo Kussko, the owner of the retail store.

For the supervision of the buyers of the administration of institutions will introduce passport control.

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