Rospotrebnadzor found numerous irregularities in Georgian dishes

Rospotrebnadzor, taking into account the recent cases of complaints by customers of catering establishments in Moscow about the quality of dishes of national cuisine served in “Georgian” cafes and restaurants, carried out express checks of these trade enterprises.


We studied the quality of dishes and their compliance with the traditional recipe. During the events, numerous violations were revealed, giving grounds not to consider a significant number of these outlets as fully Georgian.

Thus, in the popular dish of satsivi in ​​three cafes in a sauce instead of chopped walnuts, as is customary according to the recipe, potato chips milled in a meat grinder were found. As an acidifier instead of pomegranate juice was added beetroot. Spices — dry cilantro, imeretinsky saffron and utskho suneli — were replaced by cooks with reseda, wormwood and dandelion dick (Taraxacum herae). Moreover, instead of the main ingredient of Satsivi — chicken or turkey — in one of the samples, inspectors found pieces of potatyuka not inhabiting the Caucasus.

In total, according to the Association of Cafes and Restaurants, 34 catering enterprises operate in the capital, using traditional Georgian motifs in the name, design and menu. Currently, the issue of imposing penalties or the closure of admitted violations of cafes and restaurants is being considered.


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