«Our children will starve because of you»: protesters in Tbilisi burned the Russian flag in protest against the reduction of tourist traffic from the Russian Federation

In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, protesters burned the Russian flag in protest against the reduction of tourist flow from the Russian Federation.

Russian flag
Russian flag

According to “Georgia.Online,” the protesters were determined — they burned the tricolor, then wiped their feet revealingly on the printed Russian coat of arms. In the course of their action, they demanded to cancel the decision to limit flights of Russian tourists to Georgia and accused Moscow of trying to “starve Georgian children”.

“At first you occupied part of our territory, then you staged a provocation in our parliament, and now you want to starve our children, depriving us of income. We will starve, our children will starve for your fault. Cancel this discriminatory law and come back or be damned forever, ”said one of the organizers of the rally, the owner of the Pearl cafe Gviad Guruli, on an improvised stage.

Many children also took part in the action — they held posters with the words “Russian occupant wants me to die of starvation” and “Do not deprive us of the joys of childhood”, and also turned to the Russians through the cameras of the TV channels.



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