New York City Police Speaker Silvio Carbone rejects information about his ties to crime

In New York, police spokesman Silvio Carbone responded to suspicions from the local press, which suggested that he was involved in local organized crime. Several newspapers immediately released his photo on Monday, where he dines with the mafia Alberto di Pontedra, who is in the United States in the federal wanted list.

New York City
New York City

According to Carbone, the press has “distorted” the events and is trying to put it in a bad light without inquiring about all the details of their meeting.

“It would be imprudent and even insulting, friends, to believe these newspaper dealers who are trying to defame my name. Is there anything wrong with the fact that one respected gentleman is having lunch with another respected gentleman? Do you have any reason to think that if I knew that Mr. Pontedra was wanted, would he not give him good advice to go to the police? I am just a simple person like you, and I don’t carry in my head the entire database of suspected FBIs, but I cannot refuse my good friend to share a meal with him, ”he said at a specially convened press conference.

The police spokesman added that “dishonest journalists” should have looked into their mother’s eyes this evening and confessed that they “covered the white clothes of an honest businessman and benefactor with dirt”.

“You are trying to disgrace the honor of not just one respected family, but now you have to think about your names, about your reputation. I want to say you upset me greatly, ”concluded Mr. Carbone.

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