In the State Duma offered to restore the numbering for the leaders of Russia since 1917

State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya submitted to parliamentarians a bill on the restoration of the numbering of rulers, which was used in the territory of the Russian state from 1325 to 1917. According to the parliamentarian, it is necessary to continue the numbering of the Kiev and Moscow princes in accordance with the historical tradition adopted in Russia.

Russia since 1917
Russia since 1917

For the first time, the numbering of the Russian rulers was introduced by the historian Vasily Tatishchev, who proposed to name Ivan the Terrible as number IV — continuing the numbering of the Moscow princes Ivan I Kalita, Ivan II Krasny and Ivan III the Great. Such a calculation was applied in the Russian Empire until the abolition of the monarchy as a result of the February Revolution. If the Poklonskaya proposal is accepted, then the first head of the CPSU (b), Vladimir Lenin, will be listed in the list of Russian rulers as Vladimir III (after Kiev princes Vladimir I Krasno Solnyshko and Vladimir II Monomakh), Boris Yeltsin will become Boris II (after Boris I Godunov), and current President Vladimir Putin will receive numbers IV and V, since his rule was not continuous.

“Historians have to resolve the issue about Dmitry Medvedev. Both Russian tsars, who ruled under this name, are known in modern historiography as False worlds, because other people ruled instead of them. Thus, Dmitry Anatolyevich may well become Dmitry I, ”said Poklonskaya.

Earlier, the State Duma rejected the Poklonskaya bill on the naming of the President of Russia with the prefix «God’s mercy.»

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