Armenia declares readiness of its seaside resorts to an influx of tourists from Russia

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called on Russians on June 25, in the course of the traditional straight line with the Armenian people, who were deprived of the opportunity to relax on the sea resorts of Georgia, to pay attention to the coastal cities of Armenia. According to him, the climate there is even better than that of the northern neighbor, and local hotels will gladly host the flow of tourists from Russia.


According to Pashinyan, over the past 5 years, the number of hotels on the Black Sea coast has increased 3.5 times. At the same time, the tourism industry suffered from an insufficient number of tourists: Europeans prefer the seaside resorts of Hungary, Slovakia and Switzerland. A ban on Russians visiting Georgian cities could correct the situation, the Prime Minister believes.

“I myself am going to rest on the Black Sea coast in August with my wife and children. Armenia is the most undervalued tourist country in the world when it comes to beach holidays. We have a service in Dubai, and the prices are almost the same as in Batumi. We will welcome Russians who have stolen the summer and the sun, ”said Pashinyan.

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