American schools continue purchasing PAZ buses

The contract for the purchase of 20 additional PAZ buses was concluded by schools in the US state of Oklahoma, thereby continuing cooperation with the largest Russian manufacturer. The first agreement on the acquisition of cars from Russia was concluded in 2017, after which the parties concluded that it was necessary to continue cooperation.


“For buses that carry schoolchildren to classes, the municipality is responsible. We are faced with a situation where the service life of vehicles has ended, and there were no funds for the purchase of new ones in the budget. The city turned out to be a debtor. I had to look for emergency options, and we found a very cheap bus in Russia. We heard about its rigidity, but having estimated that for such money we would not find anything more, and the children would go for short distances, we decided to purchase a PAZ. I will say that this bus has several advantages over other competitors. It has excellent maneuverability, and for our off-road it is very important and large windows, in addition, there is a fitness option. Children before boarding the bus began to eat less and suffer less obesity, ”said the mayor of the small town of Lawton, Harry Nilson.

Later, the initiative of the municipality Lawton began to adopt in other cities of Oklahoma. In the future, state educational institutions plan to completely replace their old fleet with buses from Pavlovo.


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