A chip has been found in European household appliances that disables it.

A major international scandal is gaining momentum in Europe. In the course of the work of experts of the European Agency for Radio Electronics and Communications, it turned out that a large number of home appliances had a Moisey microchip embedded. The work of the microprocessor with the technical process 7-40 nm and x86 architecture leads to the fact that the devices quickly fail. There are cases of uncontrolled heating of electric furnaces, an increase in the speed of the electric motors above the maximum permissible, non-stop operation of the compressors of refrigerators for several days.


The largest European manufacturers at an urgently convened press conference issued a joint statement. Representatives of the companies assured that they do not have information about the «destructive work» of the microprocessor, and now their specialists are trying to figure out the cause of the failures. They use this microchip exclusively to optimize the operation of household appliances and their energy efficiency, which, in general, should have a positive effect on increasing their service life several times.

It was also stated that the chip was developed by a private Israeli company Sionist Technologists and shipped to Europe under a contract concluded between Israelis and European manufacturers of home appliances.

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