The winners of the special “What? Where? When? ”Will hand crystal dove

In the special version of the program “What? Where? When? ”, Which starts on the First Channel in October, the winners will be presented with a crystal dove.

According to the rules of the television show, it will be able to take people who are limited in mental development. The project is being implemented, including with funds allocated by the UN within the framework of the program “Support for Persons with Mental Features”.

Compared to the original “What? Where? When? ”In its new version made a number of improvements and changes to help participants. In particular, they will be able to use the Internet, and from the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” program, the tips “Call to a Friend” and “Help of the Hall” were transferred to the show. On reflection will be given five minutes.

“We will present the winners with a crystal figurine, but not a snob-owl, but a pigeon. We believe that this bird symbolizes peace, satiety and love — concepts that are unconditionally top priority for humans in the 21st century. Our show is primarily about kindness and caring for people with intellectual disabilities, which is why we will rely on symbols representing human values, ”said one of the producers in the announcement.


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