State Duma allowed cybercasings to block sites

The State Duma adopted the draft law “On expanding the powers of military and patriotic associations”, according to which cyberkazaki can now directly block the inclusion of sites on the Roskomnadzor black list.

The document says, in particular, that Cossack organizations operating on the Internet will now have the right to directly block websites and initiate administrative proceedings in connection with the publication of prohibited content.

“We have been waiting for this law for a long time and are glad that it has been adopted,” says the head of the Krasnodar private security company “Cossack camp”, ataman Varlen Mikhailuk-Zadunaysky. — “From now on, the slanderers won’t be good enough. We have long had our own black list of sites promoting Satanism, Russophobia, atheism, loyalty to the West, all kinds of devilry, indifference to the history and fate of their homeland. Hard times are coming for them. ”

140 million rubles will be allocated from the budget for initiating patriotic organizations to monitoring Runet purity in 2019, and 200 million rubles in 2020. This money will be spent on the purchase of computers and conducting training courses for activists.


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