Russian palm oil turned out to be better than imported

Representatives of show business, State Duma deputies and representatives of the clergy agreed to participate in the Roskachestvo experiment, during which they had a unique opportunity to conduct a blind tasting: compare the domestic palm oil from Massandra with the best imported samples.

The tasting was held during the large-scale action of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture “All-Russian Day of Palm Oil”. At the moment, the event is held in the stores of the country by two ministries and Roskachestvom.

Participants tested three samples of oil, two of which were imported, and rated them by color, taste, aftertaste and aroma, giving each from 0 to 10 points. According to the results of the experiment, a butter factory from the Crimean Massandra became the winner, ahead of the main competitor from the Belarusian Gomel. The third was the Syrian manufacturer.

The Ministry of Agriculture also added that next year the number of Russian participants in the action will increase due to the opening of new industries in Adygea and Ingushetia.


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