The Ministry of Tourism instructed operators to replace tours to Georgia with tours to South Ossetia

The Ministry of Tourism has prepared a document for tour operators with recommendations to prepare excursion programs for South Ossetia. According to the state regulator, a trip to the sights of the youngest of the Caucasian states will be able to completely replace Russians with a trip to Georgia.

“South Ossetia is a beautiful country where Russians are always welcome and ready to offer them the best. Tskhinval is one of the most undervalued tourist centers in the Caucasus. Also, I want to remind you that you can visit this beautiful country on a civil passport. A visa is not required, ”said Galina Mirzanova, head of the department of the Ministry of Tourism.

An additional stimulating factor for Russians to visit South Ossetia, the department called security.

“There is no safer place for our fellow citizens than South Ossetia today. The rest of the state is guarded by the Russian military base. Recently a museum of the world was opened there, where you can admire the best photos and videos of the hostilities of 2008, ”the official added.


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